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We invest in opportunity for young people in Baltimore.


At the Sherman Family Foundation, we are inspired to improve the lives of young people and families in Baltimore.  George and Betsy Sherman have a profound belief in the power of education to create better opportunities, better communities, and stronger families. They established their foundation in 1995 to make long-term, strategic investments in programs that are scalable and have compelling evidence of helping vulnerable, economically disadvantaged children and their families achieve better outcomes in all aspects of their lives. Today, Betsy leads the foundation with the vision of improving the lives of young people by prioritizing investments in early childhood. The foundation maintains a focus on K-12 education prioritizing STEM and math education as well as educator pipelines.

Our Priorities

Kids Playing with Lego
Children in Science Class
Young Female Student

Early Childhood

expanding early learning, promoting infant and maternal health, and supporting families

K-12 Education

improving outcomes in schools and expanding opportunities

Educator Pipelines

recruiting and retaining talented leaders in early learning and K-12 education

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